116-zodiac-wheel-q75-1151x1810The third batch of the Class of PJC commences in the Year 2013 (early birds) and technically from the year 2014.

This batch is to be taught by Sarbani Rath, Jaimini Scholar.
Sarbani Rath is the Mentor for the batch and shall function as the Jyotiṣa Guru for all matters.

PJC Schedule

PJC Batch-4: Start Year 2015

Jyotiṣa Guru: Sarbani Rath, Jaimini Scholar
Academic Year-1: 2015
Online Course Starts: 14 Jan, 2015
Contact Classes: To Be Announced
Starting Soon

Detailed Schedule for the Jyotiṣa Paṇḍita and Jyotiṣa Guru accreditation

Academic Year Start End
PJC Year-1 15 January, 2015 December, 2015
PJC Year-2A 15 January, 2016 December, 2016
PJC Year-2B 15 January, 2017 December, 2017
PJC Year-3 15 January, 2018 December, 2018
Jyotiṣa Paṇḍita Certification March-April, 2019
PJC Year-4 15 January, 2020 December, 2021
PJC Year-5 15 January, 2021 December, 2022
Jyotiṣa Guru Certification March-April, 2023

Please note that this plan is tentative and depends on Pt. Sanjay Rath completing the future years in good time.