babuThis is a list of questions that frequently comes to the mind of many students who are interested in joining the course or later as well. If you too have questions, please do not hesitate to write to me I will try to make this fast and quick to enable you to stay on top of your jyotish studies.

  • BPHS Path (1/15/2013) - Why are we approaching the topics of BPHS in this manner? This is the manner in which we have learnt Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra and that is the exactly same manner in which we intend to teach this vedic classic. The present form of BPHS is the result of the efforts to bring together the […]
  • Long Course (1/15/2013) - BPHS takes 5 months to read, max! why does this course need 5 years? Every subject has levels of knowledge and the same book can be taught at different levels. I studied Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ for my 10th Grade and am pretty sure that the Masters level students in English Literature who study the same […]
  • New Batch? (12/23/2014) - Will the course starting from January (2015, or any year) have a new batch of people or the course is continuing from previous years? Answer: Whenever we mention ‘New Batch’ it means that this is for a new batch of students. There are already three other batches from 2011, 2012 and 2013. They are in […]
  • Online Classes (12/23/2014) - How are the classes conducted online through internet? Answer: The classes are conducted through lessons. These lessons are online pages and they also have video in the form of recorded slides from live classes that were conducted in the Himalayas. We also have a Yahoo! Group for answering your questions from time to time and […]
  • Śubhārambha Plan (1/17/2013) - We have a certain vision for the students of PJC Year-1 which needs to be completed with their mentor. You will notice under Members >> PJC Year-1 >> Śubhārambha that there are 15 lessons including some slide presentations. The objective of this introductory course is to give you a taste and real introduction to the […]
  • Time Required (12/23/2014) - How many hours by week i.e. how much time is required? Also in which month (approx) the contact program will be held? Answer: You can study the course at your own pace as each individual has their own time and method of learning a subject. In the vedic studies, it is best advised to wake […]