Sūtikā: Birth

3The word सूतिका (Sūtikā) refers to delivery as in (a) a woman who has recently brought forth a child, a lying-in woman and (b) with the word go (cow), a cow that has recently calved. This adhyāya relates to the circumstances that occur around the time of child-birth and also include omens that should be recorded by the astrologer. In the Mahabharata we have the omens at the birth of Duryodhana that were discussed by Bhīśma etc. As soon as he was born, Duryodhana cried like an ass. Considering this and the other bad omens, Bhīśma, Vidura and the sages advised the king to get rid of Duryodhana, but Dhritarashtra, bound by paternal affections for his first-born did not heed the advice. The result was the Mahabharata war and the destruction of the entire clan.

When the lagna lord is debilitated, the native is born on the way, like in a vehicle or bullock cart. However, just because the lagneśa is debilitated, it does not mean birth in a vehicle or on the way to the hospital. But birth on the way does confirm the effect of the lagneśa being debilitated and that the cancellations of debility did not work. In this manner, the wise astrologer has to decipher the implications of the planets in the birth chart.

  • Sūtikā Lesson - Morning shows the day …that’s the basis of the Sūtikā Adhyāya of Parāśara. The detailed circumstances around the birth of the child speaks volumes about the destiny and blessings (or otherwise) that surround the birth of the child. With modern lighting systems, it may not be possible to make use of things like “direction of […]

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