Graha: Planets

  • Lords of Signs - राशिस्वामिनः। rāśisvāminaḥ | मेषवृश्चिकयोभौंमः शुक्रो बृषतुलाधिपः। बुधः कन्यामिथुनयोः प्रोक्तः कर्कस्य चन्द्रमाः॥ स्यान्मीनधनुषोजीवः शनिर्मकरकुंभयोः। सिंहस्याधिपतिः सूर्यो राश्यधीशाः प्रकीर्तिताः॥ meṣavṛścikayobhauṁmaḥ śukro bṛṣatulādhipaḥ | budhaḥ kanyāmithunayoḥ proktaḥ karkasya candramāḥ || syānmīnadhanuṣojīavaḥ śanirmakarakuaṁbhayoḥ | siṁhasyādhipatiḥ sūryo rāśyadhīśāḥ prakīrtitāḥ || Translation: The lordship of the signs. Aries and Scorpio have Mars as their lord; Venus lords over Taurus and Libra; Mercury lords Virgo and Gemini while the Moon lords Cancer. Jupiter lords Pisces and Sagittarius while Saturn lords Capricorn and Aquarius. The Sun is not only the lord of Leo but also the king of the zodiac (rāśyadhīśāḥ). By implication, planets as lords
  • Navagraha: The Planets - Navagraha 301 301 Navagraha Slides 301A Samyoga 301B Case Studies
  • Significations - Navagraha Significations 302 Graha Guna Svarupa Slides 302A Graha Guna Svarupa Slides 302B Graha Guna Svarupa Slides 302C Graha Guna Svarupa Slides Navagraha 302
  • Exaltation of Planets - Exaltation & Debility Know the exact exaltation and debility longitudes of the navagraha. What is the implication of the exaltation of the Sun in the 10th degree of Aries which is Mesha Rashi and Mithuna Navamsha. 'Mithuna' becomes the uccha soochaka rashi for the Sun while 'Dhanus' becomes the nicha soochaka rashi for Sun. Sun in Gemini navamsa of any sign tends to take the soul (native) towards bhoga/enjoyments which lead it away from emancipation while the Sun in Sagittarius is the reverse. Example President George Bush with Sun in Mithuna and Vivekananda with Sun in Dhanus. 303A Graha
  • Introduction to Navagraha - This preliminary material requires diligent study and includes (1) Names of Navagraha and (2) Slide presentations. The Introduction should be read first and digested before you enter the names. The PDF has the introduction as well, so that you don't miss anything. The assignment is very straight and those groups who are sharing their workload will finish well. Slide Presentations Two slide presentations. Please make sufficient notes and you may not be able to access these slides after a few months Navagraha#01: Includes an introduction to graha, rashi and nakshatra; the jyotish paradigm, nakshatra, rashi and graha definitions. The last