treeरिष्ट (riṣṭa) is a very negative Sanskrit word meaning all of the following evil things –

  • torn off, broken
  • hurt, injured, wounded
  • failed, miscarried
  • a sword symbolising the weapon that brings the destruction or suffering
  • it is a noun denoting misfortune of every kind including all calamities
  • a bad omen, that brings in bad luck

There are various combinations that indicate the evil of riṣṭa. Make a check list of the various combinations so that you can check thin in charts before you start studying them. Never ever study a chart without checking the riṣṭa first.
अरिष्ट (ariṣṭa) is the negation of the evil of riṣṭa and shows the blessings that can prevent the mishap and suffering. This is like an anti-virus program or a firewall that prevents the evils from getting into the system, the person and his destiny. It includes everything in the system that can prevent the disease or suffering.
रिष्ट-भङ्ग (riṣṭa-bhaṅga) is the cure and is like visiting a doctor after one is infected.

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