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Sanjay Rath (Oriya: ସଞୟ ରଥ) comes from a traditional family of astrologers from Puri, which trace their lineage back to Shri Achyuta Das (Acyutananda). Sanjay Rath uses Bṛhat Parāśara Horāśāstra, Jaimini Upadeśa Sūtra, Bṛhat Jātaka and Kalyāṇavarmā's Sārāvalī as the foundations of Jyotiṣa and teaches from various other Jyotiṣa scripture. His holistic teaching and writings span across various schools of thought, although not creating his own brand of astrology.
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Exaltation of Planets

Exaltation & Debility
Know the exact exaltation and debility longitudes of the navagraha. What is the implication of the exaltation of the Sun in the 10th degree of Aries which is Mesha Rashi and Mithuna Navamsha. ‘Mithuna’ becomes the uccha soochaka rashi for the Sun while ‘Dhanus’ becomes the nicha soochaka rashi for Sun. Sun in Gemini navamsa of any sign tends to take the soul (native) towards bhoga/enjoyments which lead it away from emancipation while the Sun in Sagittarius is the reverse. Example President George Bush with Sun in Mithuna and Vivekananda with Sun in Dhanus.
303A Graha

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Navagraha Significations
302 Graha Guna Svarupa Slides
302A Graha Guna Svarupa Slides
302B Graha Guna Svarupa Slides
302C Graha Guna Svarupa Slides

Navagraha 302

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Navagraha: The Planets

Navagraha 301
301 Navagraha Slides
301A Samyoga
301B Case Studies

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Māsa: The Month

मासश्चैत्रो थ वैशाखो ज्येष्ठ आषाढ संज्ञकः।
ततस्तु श्रावणो भाद्रपदाथाश्चिनसंज्ञकः॥
कार्तिको मार्गशीर्षश्च पौशो माघोथ फाल्गुनः।
एतानि मासनामानि चैत्रा दीनां क्रमाद्विदुः॥
māsaścaitro tha vaiśākho jyeṣṭha āṣāḍha saṁjñakaḥ|
tatastu śrāvaṇo bhādrapadāthāśvinasaṁjñakaḥ ||
kārtiko mārgaśīrṣaśca pauśo māghotha phālgunaḥ |
etāni māsanāmāni caitrā dīnāṁ kramādviduḥ ||
Months are called māsa and there are twelve months in a year (saṁvatsara, varṣa). These months are called

Chaitra after the full moon

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Rāśi Flaws

We also learn about the 12 signs of the bhā-chakra (zodiac). It is noteworthy that of all the names of Sūrya, the Sun god, the name Bhāskara specifically means creator (kara) of the bhā-chakra. You will need to start making notes as you study this lesson so that you understand the various names of each sign. Try to understand that of the 12 signs, seven signs have a creation flaw (what is creation flaw??). These are –






















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Drawing Charts

There is another slide on drawing charts. You also need to study this and make a list of the spiritual practices discussed therein. It is important that you practice drawing the charts, even if you have a computer to do so. You MUST learn how to draw them correctly by habit
Drawing Charts Slides
Various MP3 Audio
A few MP3 files have been added for your benefit.
Sarbani Rath performed the Durga Puja and this is a recording of two very important parts of the Puja – the recitation of the navakshari mantra followed by Sri Chandi.
Chamunda Mantra

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Lords of Signs

राशिस्वामिनः। rāśisvāminaḥ |
मेषवृश्चिकयोभौंमः शुक्रो बृषतुलाधिपः।
बुधः कन्यामिथुनयोः प्रोक्तः कर्कस्य चन्द्रमाः॥
स्यान्मीनधनुषोजीवः शनिर्मकरकुंभयोः।
सिंहस्याधिपतिः सूर्यो राश्यधीशाः प्रकीर्तिताः॥
meṣavṛścikayobhauṁmaḥ śukro bṛṣatulādhipaḥ |
budhaḥ kanyāmithunayoḥ proktaḥ karkasya candramāḥ ||
syānmīnadhanuṣojīavaḥ śanirmakarakuaṁbhayoḥ |
siṁhasyādhipatiḥ sūryo rāśyadhīśāḥ prakīrtitāḥ ||
Translation: The lordship of the signs. Aries and Scorpio have Mars as their lord; Venus lords over Taurus and Libra; Mercury lords Virgo and Gemini while the Moon lords Cancer. Jupiter lords Pisces and Sagittarius while Saturn lords Capricorn and Aquarius. The Sun is not only the lord of Leo but also the king of the zodiac (rāśyadhīśāḥ).

By implication, planets as lords

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Creation of Signs

नक्षत्रपादैः राशिविचारः।
nakṣatrapādaiḥ rāśivicāraḥ |
Translation: The signs were created from the pada of the nakṣatra (constellations). Every nakṣatra has four pada each measuring 3°20’. The span of nakṣatra is 4×3°20’=13°20’. The span of a rāśi is 30°. Nine nakṣatra-pada join to create a rāśi 9×3°20’=30°. The important concept explained here is the power of mind over matter. The 360° nakṣatra-belt is called the bhā-chakra, and the zodiac is derived from this bhā-chakra of the nakṣatra. In other words, nakṣatra chakra is creator of the rāśi chakra. By implication, the mind which works through the nakṣatra chakra is superior

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Rāśi Information

राशिनामानि। rāśināmāni |
मेषो वृषोऽथ मिथुनः कर्कटः सिंहकन्यके।
तुलाऽथ वृश्चको धन्वी मकरः कुंभमीनकौ॥
meṣo vṛṣo’tha mithunaḥ karkaṭaḥ siṁhakanyake |
tulā’tha vṛścako dhanvī makaraḥ kuṁbhamīnakau ||
Translation: Popular names of the Rashi are Meṣa (Aries), Vṛṣa (Taurus), Mithuna (Gemini), Karkaṭa (Cancer), Siṁha (Leo), Kanyā (Virgo), Tulā (Libra), Vṛścika (Scorpio), Dhanus (Sagittarius), Makara (Capricorn), Kumbha (Aquarius) and Mīna (Pisces)
Rāśi: Sun Signs
The word rāśi refers to a quantity of something, and is a measure of this quantity implying something tangible. It means a heap, mass or pile of anything. For example, dhana (wealth) rāśi can mean the quantum of wealth. It

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Auspicious Commencement

om gurave namah
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