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  • Question-Answer #01 - Please Note that there are FOUR Slide Presentations. Do not miss them Session 1 | 24 Jul 2010 Please note that in Session 1: First few slides have poor recording as the recorder was away. Subsequently we unconsciously picked up the recorder and you can see that it is better. Question Session 1 | 24 […]
  • Kṛṣṇāṣṭakam - To be recited everyday morning. Mantras given at the end वसुदेवसुतं देवं कंसचाणूरमर्दनम् देवकीपरमानन्दं कृष्णं वंदे जगद्गुरुम्॥ १॥ vasu-deva-sutaṁ devaṁ kaṅsa-cāṇūra-mardanam devakī-paramānandaṁ kṛṣṇaṁ vaṅde jagadgurum || 1|| आतसीपुष्पसंकाशम् हारनूपुरशोभितम् रत्नकण्कणकेयूरं कृष्णं वंदे जगद्गुरुम्॥ २॥ ātasī-puṣpa-saṅkāśam hāranūpura-śobhitam ratna-kaṇkaṇa-keyūraṁ kṛṣṇaṁ vaṅde jagadgurum || 2|| कुटिलालकसंयुक्तं पूर्णचंद्रनिभाननम् विलसत्कुण्डलधरं कृष्णं वंदे जगद्गुरुम्॥ ३॥ kuṭilālakasaṁyuktaṁ pūrṇa-caṅdranibhānanam vilasat-kuṇḍala-dharaṁ kṛṣṇaṁ vaṅde jagadgurum […]
  • Śrī Kṛṣṇa Aṣṭaka - By Śaṅkara Bhāgavatapāda, this Śrī Kṛṣṇa Aṣṭaka is to be sung every evening to remove the evils. This was taught by Sarbani Rath at PJC-1 Batch 2, 2013 Himalaya Class. We hope that future batches will also learn this song of Kṛṣṇa which protects us through the turmoil of Kali Yuga. भजे व्रजैकमण्डनं समस्तपापखण्डनं स्वभक्तचित्तरंजनं […]
  • Webinars - WebinarsWebinarsWelcome to the webinars of PJC Year-1 Everytime we have a webinar, we will keep updating this page. So it is a good idea to share your recordings so that they can be made available here. Use the forum for not only asking questions pertaining to the webinars but also new questions that come to […]
  • 2015 Audio Book - [listyofiles folder=”files/pjc-year-1/2015/audiobook” options=”table,filesize,icon” filter = “mp3,wav,aif”]

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Pt.Sanjay Rath belongs to a traditional family of astrologers from Bira Balabhadrapur Sasan village of Puri, Orissa, which trace their lineage back to Shri Achyuta Das (Sri Achyutananda).
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