Hare Rama Krishna

Dear Jyotishis,

Welcome to the 4th batch of the Parasara Jyotish Course (PJC 1  2015) commencing 14th January, Makar Sankranti, 2015. As the Sun enters the Uttarayana on this auspicious day and commences its glorious journey, so shall you embark on this path of light and become Ganeshas. I pray to the great Vyasa that your journey be successful.

The time table is given below for the first part of your studies. Please adhere to the dates, although extention is permissible if the majority of the students require more time. After each topic is covered you may discuss in the group or pose questions in the forum. It is crucial that you digest the Subharambha lessons, otherwise when you begin the class audios, you will have a problem. Assignments wherever mentioned maybe uploaded here. In the next few days, other members will be joining. As they do, kindly ensure they read this mail.

Your study is defined in three major parts:

  1. Subharambha – the all important preliminary lessons, available in written and audio format.
  2. Recorded Power Point Presentations – these are the audio recordings of the first batch of PJC conducted in the Himalayas. Each year was taught extensively for a period of 1 month and you get the complete teachings including the class discussions.  These are very exhaustive lessons and you will need to take notes while studying.
  3. Contact Classes: Selected topics will be taught for a period of 10-14 days in the Himalayas. Attendance is not compulsory as you already have the class recordings of all the lessons. But if you can attend at least the first year, in person contact with your teachers do make a difference.

namste1Subharambha Time Table

  1. Prayers for Vedic Learning – 14th – 17th January
  2. Foundation of Vedic Astrology – 18th  – 31st January
  3. Yuga Time Cycles – 1st – 8th February
  4. Language of the Seers – 9th – 23rd February
  5. Vedic Calendar – 24th February to 11th March

Do note that none of these materials, whether written ot audio, maybe discussed or shared with a non member. Otherwise you maybe removed from the course.

For any queries or clarifications please write to me at